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Just Another Grandstanding Asshole

OOC Post: Timeline with Jason/Tim
Let Me Save Him!
For a while, peektuttut and I were playing on sixwordstories. Somehow, it ended up being it's own little 'verse of AWESOME. Background: BftC occurred, but Jason was a little off because of Bruce's final message. He got better. B&R Jason is not this Jason and nor will it ever be this Jason. <3

First meeting after BftC with a bit trying to strip the Red Robin costume off Tim, talking about Bruce, fighting, and Jason deciding to follow Tim. Not quite in that order.

What Dick had to say about that BftC.

Talking to Dick again, saying he believes Tim and is going to find Bruce.

And Tim thinks Jason's joking about following him. Silly, Tim!

Following Tim and team up plus a chase and tipsy Timmy.

Dick and Jason are being civil? What?

Talks with Dick and Tim, both don't go terribly well.

Birthday Post: Dick gets Alfred to send him a cake, yay!

Birthday Post: With Tim and sharing Alfred cake then eventually have make outs. <3

Oops, truth serum in the cake against Dick backfired...badly.

Truth serum on Tim's Zesti can works a little better. With more make outs!

Jason pissed off Poison Ivy. Oops.

Post of awkward irresistibleness...

Dick gripes about the truth serum used on him.

Short, clipped conversation with Dick.

Reverse situation on Jason. Jason got dosed with truth serum, and Tim's not sure he likes the answers he got.

Tim helps Jason patch up and injury.

Giving Tim info about the hit list, but Tim won't give him a kiss in return.

Comparing himself to Jesus, talking about the hits, and stealing a kiss. <3

Hello again, have you missed me? Plus a fight

Multiple Jays and just a silly Timmy. <3

Timmy gets Jason stalked while he's 'crippled.'

Jason's pissed and calm. This can't end well.

Jason goes to save Tim from Renegade killing him.
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Let Me Save Him!
The How's My Driving? Meme

OOC Post
Hush bandages
Okay, so every RP this LJ's ever done on other LJs or communities is in the memories. Yup, I'm anal like that. It's all nice and neat too if you wanna read some things Jay has been up to like past macking on Tim, hitting on Zee, and just pissing off people in general. XD

Being Nice Gets You Nothing But...
Jason Pensive
Sometimes he wondered why he bothered with Tim. Sometimes they'd be civil, then they wouldn't. Or like last time, Jason asks for one little thing, and he can't have it. ...yet still, Jason made sure everyone on that damned list was safe. He didn't even know why. Maybe being around Tim is getting to be a liability...he's doing what the kid wants, and Tim doesn't even know it. Fuck that shit, and he ain't going to know Jason was a nice guy, dammit.

Visiting The 'Cave Again
Let Me Save Him!
Well, wasn't Timmy just full of sunshine and roses, sheesh.Collapse )

Prison, No Thanks
Let Me Save Him!
What food would you miss most if you were sent to prison for the rest of your life?

Been there, done that. Not that I was actually sentenced for more than ten years, but I wouldn't have been able to stand it after a few more months. Probably would have broken out once my leg healed up properly. Luckily, didn't have to wait that long.

So yeah, food I would miss? Even out of prison I miss it: Alfred's cooking. He can make anything taste good, even something you might think is nasty. He's amazing like that. That's why I'm gonna stick to his good side. He might even bake me some peanut butter cookies if I call before showing up at the manor next time.

*locked to himself*

I can't remember if I thanked Tim for breaking me out of jail. Hmm, it's not like he'll believe I'm sincere or anything, which is his loss, really.

Talking to Tim about...
Let Me Save Him!
Tim wasn't the only one that believed he was alive...Collapse )

Intro Post
Let Me Save Him!
The name's Jason Todd. I'm a Gothamite, and I'm definitely not one you want to piss off.

*locked to only people in the Batfamily*

Bruce's lot less dead than half of you think. Yeah, you probably think this some elaborate scheme, but it's not. I... Oh whatever, no matter what I say will make any of you guys believe me anyway. Once I find him, you'll be tripping over each other to apologize to me.

*locked to himself so tightly not even Oracle could hack it*

I miss Bruce... No matter how angry I still am, I never wanted him dead. I don't want any of my family dead, but they'd never believe me, so what's the use?


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